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100% Wild Silk / Ahimsa (130g/m2)

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Experience the captivating beauty and natural elegance of wild silk fabric. Wild silk offers a unique aesthetic with a touch of artisanal charm, unlike its cultivated counterpart. Made from 100% wild silk fibres, this fabric boasts a soft and breathable feel, making it a sustainable and luxurious choice for creating one-of-a-kind garments and accessories.

  • Width: 115 – 120 cm (45″ – 47″)
  • GSM: 130g/m² (lightweight/medium weight)
  • Density: Medium
  • Composition: 100% Wild Silk
  • Origin: India

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A Commitment to Sustainable Practices:

Wild silk fabric embodies a commitment to environmental responsibility. Harvested from cocoons of silk moths found in the wild, this material utilizes a natural and low-impact production process. By choosing wild silk fabric, you contribute to preserving traditional artisanal techniques and minimising your environmental footprint.

Untamed Beauty and Soft Texture:

Indulge in the untamed beauty and soft texture of wild silk fabric. This unique material showcases a slightly uneven weave and natural variations, celebrating the inherent characteristics of wild silk fibres. The fabric is soft and breathable, making it comfortable to wear against the skin.

Limited Edition Appeal for Discerning Crafters:

  • Unique Garments: Design statement pieces and limited-edition garments with this distinctive fabric. The natural variations and subtle imperfections add a touch of individuality to your creations.
  • Luxurious Accessories: Craft one-of-a-kind scarves, shawls, and evening bags with a touch of wild elegance. Wild silk fabric’s soft texture and unique aesthetic elevate your accessories to a new level.
  • Sustainable Statement Pieces: Create eco-conscious and visually captivating home decor accents like throw pillows or wall hangings.

Embrace Natural Dyes:

The natural fibres in wild silk readily accept dyes, allowing you to explore the world of natural dyeing techniques. Achieve unique and vibrant colour palettes for your projects, adding a personalized touch to your creations.

Natural Beauty and Gentle Care:

This 100% wild silk fabric boasts a natural beauty and is often available in a variety of undyed or naturally coloured options. Due to its artisanal nature, the fabric may exhibit slight variations in texture and colour. Wild silk requires gentle care.

Explore Further:

Learn more about wild silk’s fascinating origin, properties, and uses in our informative blog article.

Care Instructions:

Always refer to the care label provided with the fabric. Generally, dry cleaning is recommended for wild silk fabric. If hand washing is necessary, use cool water with a gentle detergent and lay the fabric flat to dry out of direct sunlight.

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