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We offer two kinds of dyeing : Natural dyeing and Low-impact dyeing(GOTS) 

Natural dyeing: Dyeing with the use of only plants and minerals is something we have studied and practised on a large scale. A majority of the natural dye is sourced from plants- roots, berries, bark, leaves and wood.

Eco-friendly dyeing: Utilizing GOTS-certified or Azo-free dyes presents a sustainable approach to dyeing. These dyes, which are low-impact and environmentally conscious, are free from harmful chemicals or mordants. They require minimal rinsing and boast a high absorption rate, ultimately reducing water waste.

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Color shades

Here you can see the various natural colors derived from different plants and minerals and also the various shade variations you will find in natural dyeing. 

For GOTS or Azo free dyes we need reference of Pantone TPX number for getting the suitable color shades. We also consider Neelam color chart for reference.

Low impact dyeing color shades
Washing instructions

Washing instructions

We recommend some washing and care instructions for your naturally dyed fabrics :

Wash them in 40 degrees maximum

Wash the darker colors separately

Dry them in a shady place

Don’t bleach them

Wash and iron them inside out

Wash them with ecological washing powder