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Fabric selection

If you are unsure or confused with so many fabrics to choose from then it can be very tricky for your collection. Having the right fabric can completely change the persona of the collection.

We help you in selecting the right fabric for the production which is the first and one of the most important step. 

We can also develop any particular fabric if we do not have it in our offering keeping the MOQ in mind.


Prior to the main production sampling is a crucial step to determine the fabric consumption, access the need to make any changes or alterations.

In order to start garment sampling we need patterns, tech-pack and a reference prototype too. 

Sampling also helps to finalize and determine whether the fabric chosen is the perfect fit for the collection. 

It usually takes 20-30 days depending on the style.

Ethical confection
Green Tailor Product Process

Main production

Garment production is a sequential process of layering, cutting, stitching, checking, finishing, pressing and packing. It also includes completing the different labelling and amending all imperfections.

Once the samples are approved, the main production usually takes around 30-60 days
The MOQ can vary from one product to another. We can start from 100 pieces.

To get a quotation or an advice contact us at [email protected] mentioning the quantities and the fabrics.

Quality check

At Green Tailor, we are dedicated to maintain strict guidelines in the checking quality process in order to guarantee that the products developped meet your standards.

This is one of most important step done before the product leaves the factory.

It includes cross checking the patterns with the products, measure all label positioning, looking for any tailoring defects or spots,etc…

green tailor checking process
Green tailor packing process

Packing and exporting

We normally pack on the directions given by the clients, making sure the products reach as securely and swiftly as possible. We can produce personalized packaging on demand.

Making all the documents properly is important so that the orders don’t face any scrutiny or delays in customs.

Contact us if you want to know more about the various packaging and export options we can offer.