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We have a large range of sample set including different fabric quality, color range in cambric and jersey fabric, different quality scarves and artisan fabrics(Khadi, Kala cotton)

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Fuel your creativity and explore a world of design possibilities with our comprehensive fabric swatch book. This essential tool for designers and makers provides a curated selection of high-quality materials to inspire your next project.

Unveiling a Range of Design Options:

  • Diverse Fabric Qualities: Experiment with a variety of fabric weights and textures. Our swatch book showcases a range of cambric and jersey fabrics, allowing you to compare drape, opacity, and handfeel to find the perfect material for your vision.

  • Color Inspiration at Your Fingertips: Immerse yourself in a spectrum of color possibilities. The swatch book includes a curated range of colors within both cambric and jersey fabrics, sparking your imagination and aiding in color selection for your designs.

  • Explore the World of Scarves: Elevate your scarf designs with our selection of high-quality scarf options. The swatch book features a variety of scarf qualities, providing you with a tactile experience of different materials and textures.

  • Artisan Fabrics for a Unique Touch: Incorporate unique and sustainable elements into your designs. The swatch book includes samples of artisan fabrics like Khadi and Kala cotton, offering a glimpse into the beauty and character of these eco-conscious materials.

Fuel Your Design Process:

  • Tangible Inspiration: Move beyond digital representations and experience the look and feel of various fabrics firsthand. Our swatch book allows you to touch, drape, and compare materials, ensuring you make informed design decisions.

  • Streamline Design Workflow: Save time and resources by having a comprehensive material library at your fingertips. The swatch book eliminates the need to source individual fabric samples, allowing you to focus on creating.

  • Perfect for Design Collaboration: Effectively communicate design ideas with clients or colleagues. The swatch book provides a physical reference point for color selection, fabric choices, and overall design direction.

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Unleash your creativity and embark on a journey of design exploration. Contact us or send an email to [email address removed] to order your swatch book today. Let our curated selection of high-quality fabrics be the starting point for your next design masterpiece.


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