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Why it is time to choose natural fibres ?

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Consumers are nowadays opting for natural fibres clothing. There is a wealth of natural and synthetic fabrics and clothes made by the textile industry and each fabric has its own characteristics. But how can we know what is good for us and our planet or what is not ? What are the natural fibres ? […]

The benefits of natural dye

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Nowadays, people tend to be more aware of alternatives about textile production. It is the second largest polluting industry in the world. Indeed, clothing consumption produces huge amount of CO² and use the water in a excessive manner. However, to offset these impacts on the environment, alternatives are highlighted such as the natural (or vegetable) […]

Fast Fashion vs Slow Fashion

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Awareness rose and nowadays more and more people use the expressions “Fast Fashion” and “Slow Fashion”. But do you know what these two concepts stand for and their difference ? What is Fast Fashion ? The term Fast Fashion describes clothes inspired by recent style trends from celebrities or famous designers on the runway. That kind […]